EasilyDo App: Can It Really Help You Do Anything Easily?

With the busy and chaotic lives that many people live today, it is no secret that every one of us needs a personal assistant from time to time. Lucky for many of us, the invention of many popular applications allows us to hold a personal assistant in our hands without having to pay the price for one. In this review we will discuss the EasilyDo app and find out if it can really help automate all of your everyday tasks in order to help make your day run smoothly in the long run.

EasilyDo App: How Does It Work?

The EasilyDo app is an application that can be run on the iPhone and that is programmed to help automate simple tasks that you have to complete on an every day basis. These small tasks can include testing your friend or spouse, scheduling posts to your facebook account on specific days and adding new contacts to your contacts list on your phone. This app certainly helps you to complete all of the small tasks that you do on a daily basis, so you can worry about completing harder and more important tasks.


EasilyDo App: Features


While this app is completely free to download onto your iPhone, there are a number of features that it comes with. One of the first features that this app comes with is the ability to customize the pre-programmed automations that it has. The automations that are included with this app fall into four separate categories:

  1. Navigate Your Day-this category allows you to schedule your entire day based upon the time that you need to complete certain tasks. The automated scheduler will remind you of the important tasks that you have to do and will automate certain tasks such as texting your spouse or posting onto your facebook account.
  2. Get Notified-this section of the app allows users to choose from a variety of different options based on what they need to do. In this section users will find such things as where to find car rentals, check the weather forecast for the day to confirming your tickets for a concert.
  3. Stay Connected-this sections allows users to stay connected with their friends via different social media outlets. Here, users will need to plug in all of their social media information so that the app can post images or statuses for them whenever they schedule it.
  4. Get Organized-this section is one that most users love about this app. This section is essentially a to-do list section as it allows you to do a variety of different things such as add contacts to your phonebook or check your most current emails.

EasilyDo App: Disadvantages

There is only one primary disadvantage to using this app and that is the time it takes to customize everything. While it can certainly help you to stay organized in the long run and can help you automate simple tasks, it does take a few minutes to set up until you get used to it.